Palmerton, PA

07 Oct

A little over 900 miles to go! Feeling good, in the not entirely hiker-unfriendly town of Palmerton, PA.

Came into town a little after seven last night, no vacancy at the for-pay Hotel in town, so we stayed at the free Jail House Hostel. The man who checked us in gave us the most rough treatment we’ve had on the trail yet. Very, very gruff from the start. No greeting, no response to our greetings, our ‘please’ or ‘thank you’s. During the reluctantly-given ‘tour’, he neglected to answer my question about the ladies’ shower or bathroom, so I had to figure it out myself. Jason was understandably ruffled. I’m not going to study it no farther than the town line. Maybe dude was just having a bad night, but he might also just have a problem with hikers. During my ladies’ bathroom-hunt, I overheard him bitching about how hikers ‘have free run of the place’ (mind you, Thursday night was not “bumping”- we were the only two there) and there should be a larger hotel nearby to send them all to.

This morning, we went to Bert’s Steakhouse, where they served a lackluster, fat and gristle heavy steak and eggs. Our waitress was about as enthusiastic about our visit as our host last night. We were stared at, full-on, by over half the restaurant. I’m so sick of the stares. We totally were showered and clean by this point. Two young people with backpacks less than two miles away from the most heavily traveled foot path in the States? Not an event, certainly. Yes, I know I’m sexy, and my boyfriend devilishly handsome, but this is 2011. An interracial couple should not draw so many looks, no matter how knockout hot they may be.

The first genuine smiles we got all day have been at the library. Like a breath of fresh air! Happy women, kids psyched for story time, Quilt auction fundraiser. Heck yes.

Gear Update- Our shoes by Innov8 totally fell apart on us after two, three weeks. Less than the 600 miles the salesman assured us. Swiss design meets Chinese manufacturing, maybe? Not cool. The store is sending us a new pair w/in the week, but rather than lose time waiting for the exchange, we caught a sweet sale (bogo 50%off) and now I’m rocking a pair of Saucony Exodus runners. J has a pair of Nike (yes, we know) Pegasus.

J just tried to upload photos, but our battery died! Booo!

Shout-outs to Keeps, Brother, Deuce, 3hats, Bones, Sanka, Sherpa, Eli W.

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Posted by on October 7, 2011 in Appalachain Trail 2011


One response to “Palmerton, PA

  1. Kathie Day/Why Jay Brave

    October 8, 2011 at 11:44 am

    So happy to see you and Jason are still knocking it out! Let me know if you are close to Atlanta sometime – the light is always on for you!!!
    Happy Trails, Why Jay Brave


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