Harper’s Ferry, WV

30 Oct

Six hundred and forty miles to go!!!

I can’t believe it. No, I can believe it.

Our past few nights out on the trail have been bitter cold. The days have been bearable, warm even with all our activity. Very happy to be out of PA. The state seems to go on forever (there’s 229 miles of AT in PA) and there were few exciting vistas to break it up. Very rocky. Hunting is permitted in many areas the AT runs through, and the sound of gunfire in the not-so-distant vicinity made this lady very nervous. Bring on the blaze orange!

Between the temperature and the doldrums, I definitely had my doubts about going on. As I lay in the tent at night, I could think of eight million things I could be doing besides freezing my ass off in the woods. I genuinely started to miss Savannah, my buddies, the food, the weather…  

J and I got into town yesterday afternoon, in the middle of an unseasonably early snowstorm. Six to ten inches in some areas. We were lucky enough to have friends in town, Ron and Linda. Yay, home-cooked food! We ate like monarchs. Went to the only open bar in the area, The Town Inn, where we befriended a lively group of weekend vacationers, thru-hikers, and even a couple of full-time residents. Got our pictures taken at the Appalachian Trail Conservancy, where we looked at pictures of our trail buddies who are now miles ahead of us.


The stop before this was at Boiling Springs, PA. We stopped for a quick resupply, and befriended a whole family of Trail Angels who opened up thier fabulous home to us for a great home-cooked meal, shower, and to spend the night in thier awesome, decked-out basement. Many, Many thanks to Greg, Janet, Scott, and Chris S. They totally made our weekend.  

Before Boiling Springs, we stopped in Duncannon, PA, to wet our whistles at the world-famous Doyle Hotel. The owners, Pat and Vickie, are super sweet people who tell a really good story. The fried catfish basket and hushpuppies were off the chain!! There is not much else in Duncannon, but if you’re ever to pass through, don’t miss this eccenteric hotel.

There’s more, I promise to update soon. Right now, there are others waiting on the computer.


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2 responses to “Harper’s Ferry, WV

  1. Why Jay Brave/Kathie

    November 1, 2011 at 1:25 am

    Glad to hear you guys are safe & warm for this storm! Keep on keeping on! If you come through Atlanta on way back to Sav. – know you have a place to stay. Take care! Why Jay Brave


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