Philadelphia, PA

03 Nov

For the more geography-inclined among you, the title to this post may not make sense. But we had to go to WV to reach Philly for cheaper. I’m updating from the Mubuhay House in W. Philly. Having an awesome time.

If the last entry didn’t tip you off, both J and I needed a break from the trail. We had already planned a two or three day stop in Philly, but our mutual fatigue called for a week-long stay. Shout-outs to Chantelle, Lovella, Lilly, Toby  and Jeff for making me feel superwelcome in their home. Shout-out to Amy and Izzy for being awesome new acquaintances. We all went to a Halloween block party in the neighborhood. It was so rad to see all the little kids in costume, so many homemade, labor-intensive ideas going around. I love to see people rock paper mache.

Yesterday, Chantelle, J and I went to Occupy Wall Street to help support IVAW in a solidarity march. So much good energy. I enjoyed meeting so many people I’ll get to work with after the trail. When we got back to Philly, I met up with my best-friend, Mariana. We met in Savannah. She still lives there, but is in town for a wedding. How is miss talking with an old friend! How I miss being able to relate with other women, period.

This is the first time in my adult life that I’ve been to Philly. I love it, what I’ve seen of it, anyway. What diversity! So much to do… and we just might have a room available to sublet out here. It’s not written in stone yet, so I’m going to stay cautiously optimistic.

We’ve intentionally left our after-trail plans loose; for such a long while, our time the AT seemed less of a finite span. We still have a good minute to travel after Harper’s Ferry, for sure, but much less daunting. We plan to stay in TN with our friends Maggie and Jared for a good bit of time immediately after the trail. The small town they live in seems to be the perfect place to wade back in to full-time “reality”. I am apprehensive about settling there because in this small town of 2000, .23% are African-American. That’s 4 1/2 people, I think. Then little old brown me. I also need a place where I can get around on my own via bike or public transportation. I’d also dig a little more culture than what I believe Decatur, TN has to offer me.I also want to go back to school.

Gear Update- It is cold outside. It’s only going to get colder. We’re getting sleeping bag inserts for additional warmth, winter bags being prohibitively expensive. Going to rock those as long as we can, hustle to finish the trail before the cold pushes us indoors.

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