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Hello! How time has slipped right by! I have to update from my phone, so I’m going to keep this entry brief for the sake of my sanity.

We got down to Bland, Va last week, thoroughly ready to call it. Our gear was no match for nights and mornings in the teens and twenties. No motherfucking bueno.

So, with 244 miles left, we postponed the rest of of our journey until March.
Not a textbook “thru-hike”, but that was never my point.

I want to thank Neville and Michael at Woods Hole Hostel for the awesome work-for-stay they hooked us up with. Shout outs to Supachef, Why Jay Brave, and Turnaround. Thanks so much for cheering us on! Thanks to our friends for their support, there are way too many to name names. We know who you are, and we love you!

With the exception of photo/ video uploads, I’m going to be scarce on this blog until we resume in March.

If this is going to create a gaping hole in your lunchtime/ smoke break/ work-avoidance routine, don’t fret! I keep a blog here semi-regularly, starting in January.

Again, thank you, thank you, thank you. See you in March.

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